Metal & Energy Week 2019 International Summit& Exhibition By BRI

Topics and Schedule of  Summit


Day 1 March19,Tuesday – FGD- Focus group Discussion - Topical Seminar (tentative)

Opening session

9:00 – 9:15 am by Organizers; Vince Gowan and Liqiang

Session ONE:

9:15 – 10:30:US – China Trade war and impact to Global, China, and Indonesia,

A.      Presentation: The following are invited, 

ü  Deputy Minister of Coordinating Ministry for Economic affair, Mr. Bambang Adi - OK

ü  Mr. Ikmal Lukman, Deputy Chairman, BKPM, Indonesian National investment Board

ü  Mr. Wang Li ping, Minister counsellor, China Embassy to Indonesia - OK

o   Mr. DjauhariOratmangun, Indonesian Ambassador to China

o   Mr. Sofian Wanandi, Special staff to Vice President of Indonesia.

o   Ms. ShintaKamdani, Kadin Indonesia, WKU international

o   Representative of China Chamber in Indonesia

B.      Topics:

o   Why USA – China trade war, what is the impact to Global, China, and Indonesia?

o   Cooperation between China and Indonesia under BRI – Belt and Road Initiative and GMF – Global Maritime Fulcrum.

o   Why China is motivated to invest along BRI, including Indonesia? Chinese over production capacity? Increasing of environment control…

o   What are Chinese concerns, how to generate conducive environment, such as Immigration, security, license etc. and how to resolve it

o   Indonesian policy to attract more investment from China, how to increase Indonesian Export,

C.      Panel Discussion:

o   Moderator: Metro TV or from EO

o   Panellist:  the above speakers +

Coffee break 10:30 – 10:45

Session TWO:

10:45 – 12 noon:  Metal - Energy / Investment in Indonesia / Kaltara

v  Mineral and energy sector considered to be the most attractive sector to be developed and invested in Indonesia since Indonesia implement law #4 2009 in 2014. How much is the investment and export value growth on each mineral on semi processed goods, and finished products, how much is contribution to national export revenue and tax revenue, what is the trend in coming years.

v  North Kalimantan is the priority area defined by President Jokowi and President Xi jinping to be developed under BRI – MGF. Indonesian Government aim to develop North Kalimantan huge Hydro power potential; to offer low cost energy to attract power intensive industry such as aluminium smelter.   what is the opportunity and challenge?

D.     Speakers:

ü  Deputy Minister of Coordinating ministry for Maritime, DR. Ridwan Djamaluddin

o   Director General of Electricity / EBTKE, ESDM

ü  Mr. Nick Wright, Vice Chairman, Sarawak Energy Berhad,

o   Mr. Putu Wirawan, Special Staff to Minister of Industry

o   Mr. Harjanto, Director General, Metal industry, Ministry of Industry

o   DR. IriantoLambrie, Governor of North Kalimantan

o   Mr. Mach Nison, Director of Kalimantan, PLN

o   Mr. Nur Pamuji, former CEO of PLN, Director of KHN

E.      Topic:

o   North Kalimantan Dream to be the low-cost renewable energy centre to attract Smelter and Energy intensive industry. 

-       How is the progress, what is the challenge?

-       How is the infrastructure plan and support?

o   How can the successful Sarawak model be duplicated to North Kalimantan? How is their investment progress aim to offer Energy below US$ 4 cents to Prime customer?

o   What is the expectation from the Aluminium smelter investors?  Inalum, Press metal, Nanshan, Jinjiang, and Weiqiao etc.

o   CRU would give Global, China, and Indonesian analysis on Bauxite resources, Alumina, and aluminium, and Energy comparison study as reference for investment in Kaltara.

o   Infrastructure to support energy intensive industry in Kaltara

o   Energy Connectivity, North Kalimantan, Borneo Grid, Borneo-Java Grid as part of ASEAN grid, what is the impact to Indonesian Economy by state grid of China / GEIDCO

o   Mine mouth power plant as part of the energy Mix

Panel Discussion:

o   Moderator:

ü  DR. YudiPrabangkara, Director of energy, Coordinating ministry for maritime

o   Panellist: the above speakers + stake holders


Lunch Break 12:00 – I pm

Session Three:

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Mineral Resources and Mineral processing technology

Hydro & Pyro metallurgy processing technology

A.      Speakers:

ü  Coordinator: Prof. Satryo Brodjonegoro of ITB, Special advisor to Coordinating Minister for Maritime, Mr. LuhutPanjaitan

o   Prof. Xukaihua, CEO, GEM Co.Ltd, Technology provider for Tsingsan Battery Factory in Morowali, Indonesia will be invited by Prof Satryo

o   Management from Chaoyang Tianma Mineral processing technology; how to replace coke with regular coal to save processing cost by 20-30%  

o   Expert team BGRIMM,

o   Mr. Steve Brown, VP, PT. Vale Indonesia

o   Prof. Dr.EniyaListisni,Deputy Chairman, BPPT

o   DR. AndriSubandrio, Resources, ITB

o   Dr. Chandra, Fajar Bhakti

o   Expert From ITB, Enfi, Antaike etc.


B.      Topic:

o   Indonesia is blessed with abundant resources including but not limited to Nickel, Bauxite, Cooper, Iron, Tin, Mangan, led, zinc, gold, and coal etc. what are the resources and reserve? Where are they located, and how can we utilize it well for the benefit of Indonesia and investors?

o   Indonesia has developed pyro processing successfully in 2014-2018 to produce NPI – Stainless steel industry by using high nickel content ore (suprolite). Low nickel content ore (Lamonite) with Ni content below 1.69% has been treated as overburden and partially export

o   Hydro process technology – HPAL has been improved to make it feasible to produce Nickel sulphate and Cobalt sulphate, basic material to make battery for Electric car which is in high demand. Tsingsan invests in Morowali on HPAL hydro processing plant


o   BGRIMM would introduce Normal pressure Hydro processing technology as alternative to HPAL technology introduced by Eni – Huayou – GEM technology, analyse market on battery Material.

o   Vale and Fajar etc. as existing player will introduce their existing production technology and their planning on Pyro and Hydro processing application

o   This FGD will discuss how could Hydro – Pyro metallurgy processing technology and application would Indonesia and investors new opportunities to better utilize our Nickel ore to a new milestone.


Topical discussion / Parallel Session


Session Four FGD: Strategic Industry: Metal and Metal processing technology for strategic Industry

A.      Time:  March 19, 2019, Tuesday   

B.      Objectives:

1.      After successful development of upstream Stainless-steel Industry, is the time Indonesia to develop Mid-stream and downstream sector. No country could be well developed without the development of technology base strategic industry; Indonesia needs to accelerate development of Indonesian Defence Industry and other high-tech industry; Automotive industry, Transportation industry for Export market & Import substitution to improve balance of trade in Strategic sector including Defence industry

2.      We need to promote Technology Cooperation in metal processing sector, China Hans laser technology has developed into one of the top China metal processing technology corporation, and wish to share their technology to Indonesia as part of their Global development strategy


C.      Steering committee / Advisor: (Draft)

1.      Mr. LuhutPanjaitan, Coordinating Ministry for maritime

2.      Mr. Purnomo Yustiantoro, Former Ministry of Defense, Ministry ESDM, Former  Governor of Lemhanas

3.      GubernurLemhanas : Pak Aguswijayanto Let jen. Purn.

4.      Rector Unhas : Jet jen. Tri legionosuko (Active)


D.     Coordinators:

1.      DR.  RomieOtavianus Bura, Dean, Indonesian defence University

2.      Ir. Efo Akmal, CEO, PT. EU, ITB

3.      DR. Desi Mamahit, Former Chief of Coast guard, Chairman of State Shipyard


E.      Speakers:

1)      Academic - DR. Romie

2)      KKIP – Komite Kebijakan industry Pertahanan (Defence Industry policy Committee)

3)      Defence Ministry Kemhen

4)      Indonesian Arm-force TNI

5)      Defence Industry

6)      Kadin – ISPA – Mr. Made Tangkas


F.       Panel discussion moderator: DR. Desi Mamahit


G.     Delegation: will invite 30-50 people from these institutions; Would consist of the following GABC

1.      Government: KKIP and 9 institutions under KPPIP, Operation Head of KPPIP: Laksamana Purn. Sumardjono (Former Chief of Navy)

1)      Government: Defence Ministry: Director General - potensipertahanan

2)      User: Indonesian Arm-force TNI, Assistant perencanaUmum – Asrenumpanglima

Ø  Army, Navy, and Airforce

3)      Ministry of State-owned enterprise BUMN 

Ø  Krakatau Steel – CEO or Chairman DR. Ridwan Djamaluddin

4)      Ministry of Industry, DG of Metal Processing and Manufacturing base Mr. Harjanto

5)      Ministry of Communication, 

6)      Ministry of Information Technology

7)      Ministry of Research and Technologkem Restekdikti / BPPT  DR. Hammam

8)      Ministry of Foreign affair,

9)      Ministry of Internal affair

2.      Academics and research Institute. DR. Romie

3.      Business Sector:

a)      Indonesian Chamber of commerce and Industry - Kadin, APINDO, ISPA etc and their members

b)      Defence Industry and supporting Industry

1)      Tier 1:  Integrator:

§  Pindat (military vehicle and weapon manufacturer)

§  PAL, (Ship Building)

§  Dirgantara Indonesia (Aircraft manufacturer)

2)      Tier 2:  Component for strategic industry:

§  LEN – Solar energy, semiconductor

§  INTI – Telecomunication equipment

3)      Tier 3: Subcomponent: PT. Dahana

4)      Tier 4: Material Industry;

§  Krakatau Steel -KS,

§  Inalum- Alumium ,

§  Timah -Tin,

§  Freeport - Cooper

5)      Non-Tier:

§  private sector similar to the above 4 tiers

§  metal material for defence Sector and strategic industry

§  Community: Will invite KEIN ketuapokja Industry strategis dan technology tinggi . Mr. AndriSudipyo for their community


H.     FGD presentation and discussion topics

1.      Will discuss metal for defence industry / special industry co-organized by Indonesian Defence University, Kadin Indonesia, BPPT etc.

2.      Han’s laser to present their laser technology and application in Defence industry, Automotive, agriculture, transportation industry etc,

v  Will invite Defence industry, Agro industry, transport industry, construction industry to join discussion.


Parrarel Session


Bauxite, Alumina, and Aluminium session: (Option – to be combined with metal – Energy)

1.      After successfully developing Nickel and stainless sector, Aluminium sector will naturally become another important mineral to be developed in Indonesia as Indonesia has a huge deposit of Bauxite ore; Among 49 Bauxite location in Indonesia, only 7 locations been utilized, how to develop 42 location potential?

2.      Bauxite ore demand:

A.      China short of Bauxite for Alumina industry, could Indonesia be a good source of bauxite?

B.      Indonesian Alumina plant could export 7 ton of Bauxite provided 7 ton of DMO (Domestic market Obligation) be fulfilled. Is this a good incentive to develop alumina industry in both China and Indonesia?

3.      Alumina

A.      Alumina is a high margin sector, as global shortage of Alumina

B.      Weiqiao investment in in operation, Nanshan in constructing, Jianjian construction will commence soon

C.      Inalum + Antam + China aluminium is still in planning stage 

4.      Aluminium:

A.      Inalum Asahan is a successful model as the Hydro energy cost is low

B.      China power price is 4-5 cents plus/KWH, North Kalimantan can offer below 4 cents/KWH, would China invest Aluminium in Indonesia?


Parallel Session - Cooper:

1.      FREE PORT development after 51% owned by Indonesian on Dec 21, 2018.

v  Suggest to-be Sponsored and coordinated by Inalum Holding

v  Indonesian mineral processing sector enter new era, what is the development plan of Freeport and BUMN mineral such as Antam, Bukit Asam, Timah etc. after re-structuring?

v  Indonesian Mineral policy and opportunity for Copper, alumina, aluminium, NIckel and other mineral products?

v  Will invite related stake holders including Inalum group to share.


Parallel session Global metal market Analysis

A.      Global market analysis on Nickel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and Energy

B.      Concentrate on Global, China and Indonesian market, suggest on strategy

C.      Future trade in Metal sector


Remarks on topical forum session:

1.      we need proposal if anyone wish to organize the above or additional topic? we will select only few topics for Special topic Seminar / FGD on March 19, 2019.

Program Guidelines

Day one, March 19 – Topical discussion 


Day 2 March 20,Tuesday

Ø  Full day Summit, Summary of the Day one Topical discussion + Main issue in Metal – Energy sector

·         Will give speakers on March 19 to provide summary of their presentation on March 20 summit session

·         7am – 9 am, Breakfast for hotel guest only

·         9 am program start

Ø  Session 1: Key note speech:

-       Mr. LuhutPanjaitian, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affair

-       Mr. RosanRoeslani, Chairman, Kadin Indonesia

-       Mr. Wang Li ping, Minister counsellor, China embassy to Indonesia.

-       Director Generals from Ministry of Industry and ESDM

-       Chairman of ISPA and China Association speech

·         10:30 am Coffee Break

·         Session 2: Mineral processing and cooperation Opportunity

o   Nickel product; Hydro and Pyro processing, and downstream Industry

o   Bauxite – Alumina – Aluminum

o   Other mineral – Cooper, Cobalt, mangan, rare earth etc.

o   Mineral processing Energy

·         12 – 1 PM Lunch

·         1:00 – 2:45: Session 3: Technology Exchange session

o   Hydro and Pyro processing

o   RKEF and Blast furnace

o   Other technology issue

·         2:45 – 3 pm: Coffee Break

·         3:00 PM – 4:30 Session 4: Market analysis, financing, and future trade

·         4:30 – 5:00 PM Closing Summary, Press Conference

·         5:00 – 630 Free time

·         6:30 – 8 PM Dinner


I.        Day3:March 21,Wednesday

o   Informal business matching

o   Check out and site visit to Tsingshan, Virtue Dragon …



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