Metal & Energy Week 2019 International Summit& Exhibition By BRI

Speakers and panellist candidates (to be confirmed)


A.      Chairman, MC, and Moderators

B.      Government

1)      Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for Maritime, Mr. LuhutPanjaitian

2)      Mr. Wang Liping, Minister counsellor, Embassy of PR of China in Indonesia

3)      Mr. Airlangga Hartanto, Minister of Industry

4)      DR. Hammam, Deputy Chairman, BPPT.

5)      Mr. IriantoLambrie, Governor of North Kalimantan  

6)      Mr. LongkiDjanggoka, Governor, Central Sulawesi  

7)      Mr. Alimasi, Governor, South East Sulawesi  

8)      Mr. Bambang Gatot, DG, Coal and Mineral, ESDM

9)      Mr. Harjanto, DG, Metal industry, Ministry of Industry  

10)   DR. Sukhyar, Special expert staff, Ministry of Industry,


C.      Association

1)      Mr. RosanRoeslani, Chairman, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2)      Mr. Johnny Darmawan, Vice Chairman, Kadin Indonesia. Officers of APINDO, KEIN -

3)      Mr. Li qiang, Chairman, China Foshan Metal Association

4)      Mr. Vince Gowan, Executive Chairman, ISPA


D.      Industry and Business

1)      Mr. Budi Sadikin, CEO, Inalum holding

2)      Mr. Nick Wright, VP, Sarawak Energy

3)      Mr. Arie Prabowo, CEO, PT. Antam

4)      Mr. Nico Kanter, CEO, Vale Indonesia

5)      Mr. Steve Brown, VP. Vale Indonesia

6)      Mr. Andrew Zhu, CEO, Virtue Dragon Indonesia

7)      Mr. Jeffery Yu, COO, ChaoYang Tianma (confirmed sponsor)

8)      Mr. Alexander Barus , Director, Tsingsan Indonesia

9)      Mr. PrihadiSantoso, Director, PT. Smelting  

10)   Mr. Tony Wenas, Director, PT. Freeport  


E.       Academics, Research institutes, Consultant:

1)      LME: London Metal Exchange

2)      CRU: Commodity Research Unit

·         Global, China, and Indonesian metal resources, market & processing  in Aluminium, Nickel, Copper, Zinc etc.

·         Battery metal; Nickel Hydro processing to produce nickel sulphate, Cobalt sulphate

·         Coal to energy, coal to Chemical. Fertilizer  

3)      Antaike, Alumina, Nickel

4)      Enfi,Hua you , BGRIMM (北矿科技)Hydro processing

5)      BPPT

6)      ITB

7)      LIPI

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