Metal & Energy Week 2019 International Summit& Exhibition By BRI

Metal & Energy  Topics highlights

A.      Macro view:

·         Global metal and energy sector situation and trend

·         Impact of USA – China Trade war, how to attract China investor to Indonesia

·         China policy on metal and energy development under BRI, how to resolve over capacity problem

·         Indonesian Government policy and incentives


B.      Sectional Opportunity and Challenge

1)      Nickel ore, NPI, Stainless steel

·         Resource and reserve, - Ore export and domestic demand

·         Technology development; Pyro and Hydro development

·         Pyro: NPI & Stainless-steel investment and progress

·         Hydro: HPAL investment progress

·         Stainless steel downstream Industry

o   Hot rolling and cool rolling

o   Slitting

o   Heat treatment

o   Piping


2)      Aluminium

·         Bauxite ore, availability and export opportunity

·         Alumina Investment progress; Inalum, Weiqiao, Jinjiang, Nanshan

·         Aluminiumand Energy – Development in North Kalimantan, would Kalimantan be the Centre of energy intensive industry? What is the Government policy and market reaction?

·         Aluminium industrial parks – Would BAI (Bintan Alumina Indonesia) be the next Morowali of Alumina industry?


3)      Cooper opportunity:

·         Freeport majority share o          Freeport is owned by In                                                    Indonesian starting December 21, 2018, how is Free-port Next  

·         where and how the next smelter development?

·         Who would build and invest in the next smelter

·         Other opportunities in Cooper

4)      Carbon steel:

·         Market supply and Demand

·         Opportunity and challenge, where is the ideal location?

·         Could iron sand be developed to be the main material for Carbon Steel?


5)      Re-cycle of metal and industry waste

·         Import limitation of recycled metal to China means opportunity to Indonesia

·         How is Indonesian policy on the recycle metal industry?

·         Increasing usage of recycled metal.


6)      Energy

·         Indonesian and China Energy policy short and long term;

·         Energy Demand and Supply

·         Hydro energy resources

o   North Kalimantan Kayan, Mentarang, Bahao resources and development

o   Papua opportunity

·         Mine mouth power plant

o   Where is the ideal location? how about South Sumatera? central Kalimantan? North Kalimantan

·         Oil and gas opportunity;

o   Rokan Block and ahakam Block etc. oil and gas be returned to Indonesia by 2021, what is the opportunity? 

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