China Ferro-Alloys Industry Annual Conference 2020

       Themed by “stengthening industrial chain collobration, improving risk control of supply chain and outlook for ore and ferro-alloys market trend in 2020”, the conference will invite medium and large-scale iron and steel enterprises, ferro-alloy enterprises, coke and electrode producers, logistics agents, commodity inspection and industrial chain service enterprises as well as domestic and foreign mainstream manganese ore traders, chrome ore traders and nickel ore traders to discuess on the following subjects under the current situation of international trade:

1. Influence of current international economic and trade situation on the iron and steel and ferroalloy industry in the future;

2. Strengthening cooperation between iron and steel enterprises and ferroalloy enterprises and intensifying ferroalloy supply chain management;

3. New ideas of purchasing mineral resources, market trend and risk control of imported manganese ore, chrome ore and nickel ore;

4. How to strengthen information interaction between iron and steel enterprises, ferroalloys enterprises, mines, traders, logistics and information enterprises and sustainable and healthy jointly;

5. Ferroalloy futures market trends and profound influence of futures to spot market.

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