Chinese Chromium Industry Market Webinar

Chinese Chromium Industry Market Webinar

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Chinese Chromium Industry Market Webinar


      As the covid-19 pandemic outbreak globally in 2020, the chromium industry was influenced significantly , it is well-known that about 80% of the world’s annual chrome ore production is consumed by the production of  ferro chrome and to stainless steel industry. China is the largest consumer of Chrome ore  in global Chromium industry. South Africa  is largest chrome ore  miner and supplier ,and about 70% chrome Ore sold to China Year on Year.

Therefore ,China and South Africa are the key factors to dominate the development of Chromium industry.To make better understanding Chinese demands for chrome ore in the coming years, it is very necessary to exchange information among China and chromium miners and suppliers ,whom cannot come to China due to visit restriction by COV-19 Virus epidemic affect. is well know information tech company, and provides market and industrial information of ferroalloys. We will arrange this event and  invite some experts to present on the topics of  

How about the Chinese chrome market in coming year

How about China stainless steel Industrial performance

How to guarantee the safe supply chain of Chrome ore in case the  pandemic influenced

How to face the influence if SA impose export tax on chrome ore in the near future.
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If you are insider of Chrome industry, do not miss this important virtual event. Welcome to register.

Date: Dec 10,2020

Time15:30-17:00, Dec10,2020 (Thursday,Beijing Time)

Speaker  Language: English

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