The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit

The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit

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The 13th Cored wire Industrial Chain Summit



To relevant units and member enterprises:

           Co-organized by Cored Wire Industry Chamber of China and, the 13th Cored wire Industrial Chain Summit will be held on August 8th to 10th, 2019 in Changzhi, Shangxi Province.

          With the continuous improvement of steel quality, the usage of various cored wire products in the process of steel smelting is increasing. Especially solid calcium wire has been widely used in many large-scale iron and steel enterprises and tends to enlarge and replace other alloy cored wires. As a big country of iron and steel smelting and casting China has higher and higher requirements on the quality of iron and steel and cast iron. Cored wire is more and more widely used in the fields of iron and steel smelting and casting.

          Quality of cored wire has a great influence on the on reduction of slag, the yield rate of purified molten steel and effect of desulfurization and deoxidation, especially in the process of microalloying. There are many kinds of cored wire products such as silicon calcium, metal calcium, ferro-calcium, magnesium powder, iron powder, carbon powder, ferro-boron, ferro-phosphorus, ferrotitanium, rare earth silicon magnesium, nitrided ferrochrome, nitrided ferromanganese, nitrided ferrosilicon, silicon barium, silicon calcium barium, silicon ferro-aluminium and silicon calcium barium aluminum. Seamless calcium cored wire has broad prospects in application.

         In this conference, experts of technology departments of steel mills and foundry enterprises, raw material and production enterprises, scientific research institutes and industry analysts will be invited to discuss hot issues in the industry including market situation and development trend of cored wires and raw materials, innovation and technical application of cored wire products, quality demand for cored wire in the steel and foundry industry, self-discipline of cored wire industry, production and sales of innovative cored wire products by using Internet plus and so on. 

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