16th China Ferro-alloys International Conference

16th China Ferro-alloys International Conference

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          Under the banner of Ferro-Alloys.com, the famous chain series “China Ferro-Alloys International Conference” (INFACON) came into being in 2004. INFACON China is known as very important and authoritative ferroalloys event in the whole world. In these past 15 events, INFACON China served thousands of delegates from the whole world. Every year numerous Steel Mills, Ferroalloys Plants, Miners and traders attend without any gap.  This year “16th China Ferro-Alloys International Conference” will be happening in Nanning, China on 22-24 May 2019

          The Ferro Alloys Industry has been increasing faster and growing in both developed and developing countries around the world.

China, being the leader of Ferroalloys Industry facing problems like trade wars, changing economic steadily and declined production. The affect by Chinese Market could harm the global economy.

The downstream trend of steel and ferroalloys greatly affecting the mining industry. Chromium market faced difficulties in 201 and still in veins in 2019. Manganese market is also affected by the downstream trend and started to fall in the early 2019.

          The Conference will offer an industry-wide discussion on strategic rethinking of the economic priorities and emerging role of the Ferroalloys industry as potential backbone for economic growth of China. Local and international companies whose professional interests are aligned with the mining, ferroalloys and Steel industries of China and other countries of the world are cordially invited to shape up ideas and present their vision for new business and investment opportunities at INFACON 2019 conference in Nanning, China. 2019 will be a challenging year and a year to seek opportunities in the challenge.

           This conference is ideal for the international Ferroalloy insiders, Steel Plants to venture into China and explore new opportunities or cooperation, to build a platform for the trade of Mineral Ores, Ferroalloys & Steel and to take advantage of China favor policy.

Being the responsible organizer, we understand the demand of the delegates, this conference includes keynote presentations, counterpart business, project matching, information exchange and projects cooperation may be arranged.

Ferro-Alloys.com sincerely invites all respectful professionals from Ferroalloys, Steel Mills, Coke, Ore producers and customers, equipment suppliers and others from the world to attend the conference on May 22-24, 2019 at Nanning, China.

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