The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit

Charge Standard

1. Member unit of Before July 15th: 2,600 yuan / person; After July 16th: 3,000 yuan/person;

2. Nonmember unit: Before July 15th: 3,000 yuan /person; After July 16th: 3,500 yuan/person;

The above fees include attendance fee, information fee and meal fee and exclude inspection fee and accommodation fee. For the enterprise joining in VIP member of during the period of conference application, 1 person attends the conference free of charge. For the enterprise that 2 or above persons apply for attendance, free website channel advertisement for half a year or roll screen is presented.

Other Affairs

1. Conference proceedings, “Cored Wire Conference Journal” advertising and other publicity:

a. Color cover: 5,000 yuan; b. Color back cover: 3,000 yuan; c. Inside front cover/ 1 color inset: 2,500 yuan;

d. Color inside back cover: 2,000 yuan; e. Color inside page: 1,000 yuan; f. Roll screen display rack: 1,000 yuan;

g. Issued with the conference information: 3,000 yuan; h. Video playing: 1,000 yuan

2. Technical report contribution

We welcome scientific research personnel to contribute. The manuscripts will be published and the remuneration will be paid on the conference. The theme can be cored wire technology innovation, equipment innovation, raw material innovation and so on.

The email for contribution:

[email protected]

[email protected]    WeChat: 2668876619

. Selection for credit enterprise and brand enterprises of cored wire: For detailed information about selection conditions, please see also the appendix. 

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