The 5th Asian Pacific steel&ferro-alloys Intl Conference

The 5th Asian Pacific steel&ferro-alloys Intl Conference

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The 5th Asia Pacific

Steel & Ferro-Alloys  Conference

        “Smelter & Energy Week

    by Belt & Road Initiative


       Indonesia has been identified as China "Belt &Road" trade partner and is the most important country in the Southeast Asian Region in the production of Minerals and ferroalloys. Indonesia is well positioned with unique Nickel Ore resources, renewable Coal, Alumina and labor cost advantages. This has led to an increase of investments in recent years.

The theme of this conference is “Smelter and Energy “  in Metals and Steels Industry.

         Indonesia produces 100,000 tons of nickel metal by 2014 when Indonesia began export of raw material after Antam and Vale -inco set up factory 40 years Ago. Indonesia will produce 1 million ton of nickel metal by 2025 , become world 2nd largest nickel and stainless steel producing country . Do Indonesia has enough resources ? Can local market absorb it ? What will impact to China and Indonesian metal processing sector ? What opportunity and challenges are we facing on  ? 

        Please attend The 5th Asia Pacific Steel & Ferro-Alloys Conference, listen to what government officers and experts would share . The 5th Asia Pacific Steel &Ferro-Alloys Conference, hosted by KADIN Indonesia and Indonesian Smelters & Minerals &Processing Association and arranged by, supported by  CCCMC and Foshan Metals Materials Industry Association, will be held on 14-16 March 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

         We sincerely invite all delegates including Ferroalloys, Steel Mills, Coke, Carbon, Graphite Literate Ore suppliers and customers, equipment suppliers and others from the world to attend the conference in March in Indonesia

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