The 6th Asia Pacific Steel&Ferro-Alloys Intl Conference

The 6th Asia Pacific Steel&Ferro-Alloys Intl Conference

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           Turkey is making an important contribution to the Iron Silk Road, having completed the middle belt of the Beijing-London line with the Marmaray [the world's first undersea railway] and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge -- the third on the Bosporus Strait -- both of which had been designed as part of the Iron Silk Road. The commitment of both countries to the Belt and Road initiative, designed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is considered promising for unleashing important business opportunities for both countries, as well as others located on the Silk Road.

             Turkey has the importance in the Belt and Road Initiative due to its geographical location and the mineral resources Turkey is holding. Turkish Iron and Steel industry has shown great improvement especially after the 1980’s and as a result, 20.9 million tons of yearly crude steel production placed Turkey 11th in the global steel output and 3rd in Europe. Domestically consumed ferroalloys in Turkey are especially ferromanganese, silicomanganese, and ferrosilicon. Turkey is one of leading ferrochrome producers in the world considering the above mentioned production figures. However, this production is mainly exported since Turkey’s stainless steel production level is modest requiring low amounts of ferrochrome. The products of iron and steel industry in Turkey require large quantities of other ferroalloys, which make Turkey a major importer and exporter of ferroalloys. The aim of this work is to present production, consumption, import and export quantities of ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferromolybdenum, ferrotungsten, ferrotitanium and ferrovanadium of Turkey.

            Turkey’s number of arc furnaces opened up to 3 integrated tesa reached 15. 69 percent of the country’s crude steel capacity of 19.8 million tons belongs to arc furnace installations and 31 percent belongs to integrated plants. 18 producer companies operating in the sector are all among Turkey’s largest 500 organizations, with the exception of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institute.

             The theme of this conference features China’s "One Belt One Road" policy, "Realizing the importance of Turkey and expanding opportunities of investment" & “Bridging the business gap in between the China and Europe”.

This conference is ideal for the international Ferroalloy insiders, Steel Plants to venture into Turkey to explore investment opportunities or cooperation, to build a platform for the trade of Minerals, Ferroalloys & Steel and to take advantage of the Turkey favor policy created investment opportunities.

             Being the responsible organizer we understand the demand of the time, this conference includes keynote presentations, counterpart business and project matching, visit to Plant with Technical Exchange and Projects Cooperation may be arranged.

ChinMetal Information Tech. Co., Ltd. ( sincerely invites all delegates including Ferroalloys, Steel Mills, Coke, Ore producers and customers, equipment suppliers and others from the world to attend the conference in September 2018 at Istanbul, Turkey.

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