Chinese Manganese Industry Market Webinar

Chinese Manganese Industry Market Webinar

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Chinese Manganese Industry Market Webinar

  As the covid-19 pandemic outbreak globally in 2020, the manganese industry was impacted significantly, in the first half of year, the South Africa government released initial 21-days lockdown announcement policy for the mineral industry production and some manganese ore mines maintenance production and stopped some days and resumed. While Chinese manganese alloy plants due to the transportation and worried about the manganese ore shortage in the period, the price of manganese ore and alloys increased sharply last two month ended to the state holiday in May. Now the impacted factors on prices  of Chinese manganese alloy price includes the manganese ore, Zhengzhou Future Price  of silicon manganese are  coke and steel tender price and inventories in ports.

 Relying on the Chinese crude steel production increased and we anticipate the steel production output  will reach to more than 1 billion tons in 2020, which it demands more  manganese alloys, but the steel price is lower than last year and  that will drive down the price of  the manganese alloys . As the Chinese silicon manganese production in the first three quarter was 7.98 million tons with down 4.3% YoY, the volume of manganese ore imported was 22.225million tons in the first three quarter and a decrease of 9.0% YoY, while China imported 9.146 million tons from South Africa  decreased of 4.1% YoY  accounted for 41.2% of  total imported according to China customs, some other countries also exported to China from Australia, Gabon and Brazil. As we acknowledged there are some new Silicon manganese project under the construction in the coming year in China, the capacity also will increase and so will the demand of manganese ore. is well know information tech company, and provides market and industrial information of ferroalloys. We will arrange this event and  invite some experts to present on the topics of 

How about the Chinese Manganese Alloy Market in Coming Year

How about the Manganese Ore Market

How about China  Steel Industrial Performance

How to Guarantee the Safe Supply Chain of Manganese ore in case the  Pandemic Influenced

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If you are insider of manganese industry, do not miss this important virtual event. Welcome to register.

Date: Dec 11,2020

Time15:00-18:00, 11 Dec 2020 (Friday, Beijing Time)

Speaker  Language: English

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